Don’t be invisible in the darkness!

The nights are getting longer and work is getting busier. The combination of these two things means that more often than not, I have to run in the dark. But that’s okay, because I’m prepared!

Most running gear has some reflective bits – a reflective strip down the ankle of a pair of tights, a reflective logo on the sleeve of a jacket. But when you’re out there in the darkness, that is hugely inadequate. Many runners and cyclists invest in “high-viz” gear to keep them safe, but more often than not, the “high-visibility” element on these jackets etc is a bright yellow colour, which stops being visible as soon as it gets dark. Not much help when you’re running at night!

But luckily I come from a country that has wholeheartedly embraced the reflector – they call it cheap life insurance. In the winter, most people will have little reflectors shaped like hearts, teddy bears and Moomin trolls dangling from their jackets, and most dog walkers wear proper high-viz vests that are both colourful and very reflective (whereas dog walkers in Edinburgh tend to put blinky things on their dogs, but never wear anything to make themselves more visible to drivers). So when I explained my predicament to my dad, he promptly purchased a reflective running vest and sent it to me.

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My other half finds my running gear ridiculous, but visible is better than dead, I say! No one can pretend they didn’t see me coming now! And if you start reading about UFO sightings in Edinburgh, you’ll know who to blame.