On my reading list

Ever since I learned to read, I’ve always been an avid reader. But in the past few years, I somehow don’t seem to have had much time to read books anymore. I suppose part of it is being in a relationship – reading is, after all, a solitary activity, while watching TV together in the evenings feels more like we’re “doing something” together. And I’m sad to say that reading in bed in the evenings has unfortunately been replaced with a final scroll through social media on my phone – a bad habit, especially for someone who struggles going to sleep anyway!

When I do find the time to read books, I usually try to increase my knowledge in some way, and I have a small library of personal finance, entrepreneurial and self-development books. This year I definitely need to make sure I spend more time reading all these books I’ve acquired!

At the moment I’m revisiting two books I started ages ago, but which I never finished for some reason (with one of them, the sheer size of it would be the reason!). They’re both great reads for teaching you the skills and strategies to reach your potential when it comes to money:

Barbara Stanny: Secrets of Six-Figured Women and Tony Robbins: Money – Master the Game.


I’m only about half-way through Secrets of Six-Figure Women, but so far I’m really enjoying it, and I’m really looking forward to learning the strategies women have used to reach six figure salaries.

Money – Master the Game is a huge book, and to be honest I wish I’d bought it for my Kindle, as it’s not the sort of book you can carry around with you and read on the bus. Because of the length of it I only got about 1/3 in the first time around, but I’m determined to dive back in once I’ve finished Barbara Stanny’s book, as this book contains interviews with many of the biggest names in investing. One of the questions Robbins asks them is what one investing strategy they would leave to their children if they couldn’t pass on any of their fortune. There’s definitely a lot to learn, so I just need to find the time (and stamina!) to get through the hundreds of pages of info!

What money books have you read recently, and what are your favourites?