And so it begins…

Today is the start of my 16-week marathon training. I’ll be following the Improver’s 16-week Marathon Schedule from the London Marathon website. I was fully expecting to follow the plan for beginners, but according to the instructions, this is the one you should use if you can run for 40 minutes already, so I suppose that’s me! Wish me luck!

Don’t be invisible in the darkness!

The nights are getting longer and work is getting busier. The combination of these two things means that more often than not, I have to run in the dark. But that’s okay, because I’m prepared! Most running gear has some reflective bits – a reflective strip down the ankle of …

I did it!

Today was the day I finally smashed 30 minutes at parkrun! To be fair, it was only by a single second, but that still counts! Besides, my previous parkrun time from 3 weeks ago was 32:07, so that’s a pretty decent improvement.